5 Stair Climbing Options For Wheelchair Users

If you’re a new wheelchair user, one of the most pressing questions you may have is “How will I get up the stairs?”. All wheelchair users know just how difficult the stair situation can be both at home and out in public. Luckily, public spaces usually have wheelchair-accessible ramps or entrances that allow for easy access. But, there are times when that isn’t necessarily an option.

At home, if you’ve become wheelchair-bound after living in a non-accessible home or apartment, you still have a few options to make the transition easier. Sure, there are times when a wheelchair just can’t make it up the stairs, but there are plenty of helpful tools to help you in certain instances get to where you need to be easily and comfortably.

Here are 5 stair climbing options for wheelchair users:

Wheelchair Stair Climbers

wheelchair stair climber

Did you know that there’s a stair climbing device that doubles as a wheelchair? These devices are called stair climbers, and they help you get upstairs as needed. Sometimes, there are destinations that aren’t wheelchair accessible or have size restraints that don’t allow a proper ramp to be installed. That’s where having one of these devices comes in handy.

You’ll need assistance when using a wheelchair stair climbing device, as it requires someone to push and pull you up and down the stairs carefully. While this device may not be the smoothest or easiest to use, it’s certainly an effective way to utilize the stairs, especially when you’re out in public or accessing stairs that don’t have any other accommodations.

The XSTO TR140C is an ergonomically designed stair climbing wheelchair built for easy use and comfortable functionality. This chair is suitable for both young and elderly individuals. What’s great about the TR140C is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, so regardless of your needs, it can be there to assist you. Made with a portable rechargeable battery, this climbing chair is easy to store and take with you on the go.

Stair Lifts for Home Stair Climbing


If you live in a home that has the space to accommodate this item, you may want to consider installing a stair lift for stair climbing in your home. These products are a permanent and easier solution for navigating how to use the stairs in your home with a wheelchair user. The device is a wall-mounted machine that attaches to your wheelchair. Your wheelchair becomes locked into the device securely, and it slowly raises or lowers you down the steps.

One of the advantages of using this machine is that you don’t necessarily need another person to help you use it, unlike a stair climber. Even so, not all staircases provide enough extra space or support for this device to be installed, so it may not be for everyone. Stair lifts come in all different sizes, so regardless of the length of your stairs, you can find one that allows you to travel up and down them with ease and independently.

The Stair Chair is an affordable stair lift made by Bathrena. It comes equipped with three adjustable straps to keep you safe and secure during use. The chair is made of industrial-grade aluminum material for stability and strength. When this product is not in use it’s easy to store away thanks to its foldable design.

Accessibility Ramps

Accessibility Ramps

Sometimes, you don’t need to navigate an entire set of stairs. Sometimes, all you need is a little extra boost to get you from one surface level to another. That’s where accessibility ramps come in. An accessibility ramp is often installed on the outside of your home, directly near a set of stairs leading up to your front door. You may be familiar with seeing these ramps installed in public facilities, but they can also be used at your home.

Ramps come in all different widths and lengths. So, if you just have a short platform to get over every day, there’s a small ramp that can help you achieve this. If you have a larger set of stairs outside your home, there’s a larger ramp that can help you out there. Of course, there are going to be situations where installing an accessibility ramp just won’t work, but it’s always best to check with a professional until you come to that conclusion.

The EZ-Access Gateway accessibility ramps are a straightforward product that’s great for both indoors and outdoors. You can choose between different lengths, depending on your needs, and even the amount of handrails you need. This ramp is easy to install, making it the perfect product for anyone looking to add some accessibility to their home without having to drill or undergo renovation. This product is perfect for doorways, entryways, and other low-profile, everyday clearance points.

Platform Lifts – Best Way for Stair Climbing

Do you have accessibility needs in a space that isn’t suitable for ramps or other equipment? Well, a platform lift may be just what you need. Platform lifts are similar to stair lifts, although they operate a bit differently. A platform lift simply lifts a wheelchair user up or lowers them down in a single line. This is especially useful if a ramp is needed, but the ramp would be too steep in the space that you need it for.

Having the slim operation of the platform lifts saves on space and makes for easy operation. Another great quality about these lift systems is that you don’t have to only use them outside. Say you have a deck in your background but can’t use the stairs or install a stair lift, a platform lift would be an excellent way to get up and down the deck without having to maneuver around the house. They also accommodate a wide range of wheelchairs, making it easy for you to find the perfect one for you and your chair.

If you’re looking for safety and stability, the AmeriGlide Nano platform is an excellent option. This platform lift closes in around itself, making it very secure and safe for anyone who uses it. This lift is ideally for outside and can be installed in place of a ramp or the need to use a stair lift, which can be quite challenging depending on your condition. If you have the extra money to spend and the space to install it, this is a reliable option for easy access over tall staircases that you’ll likely use daily.

Walker Steps – Exercise Way of Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing

Wheelchair users come in all shapes and sizes. Some aren’t able to walk at all and solely rely on their chairs for transportation. Other people may have the option to walk periodically but struggle to use their legs to their full ability. Because of their inability to walk with full strength, a wheelchair is helpful to get around without causing too much strain on the body. But, when it comes to using the stairs for stair climbing, you might not have to use a stair lift or an accessibility ramp if you’re able to walk up them yourself.

One way to make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on your legs is by using walker steps. These steps are designed to be easier to use, having longer steps and lower risers, creating a less strenuous step each time. If you can have these installed into your home, especially out front, this is a great way to stay active and use your legs if your condition allows, without overdoing it on traditional steps.

To find these products, contact a contractor and see if they can help you with the installation. They should be able to install them at a length and height that’s still accessible to you, you’ll want to work with them so they’ll be fully aware of your condition and what you’re capable of. Walker steps can come in different materials as well, such as wood or cement, and you can choose a product that’s aligned with your budget.

Safety and Considerations for Stair Climbing

Before selecting your stair climbing assistance device, always check with your doctor. You want to find a device that’s appropriate for your conditions, as well as your needs. You don’t want to purchase an assistant device that isn’t going to fit in your home, and you also don’t want to choose one that won’t be compatible with your wheelchair.

Once you know which device is for you, you’ll need to do some research on each product you find to see if it’s wheelchair compatible. Another important aspect to consider is how often you’ll need the product. This is something you want to invest some money in, if possible. There are insurance, grants, and funding that can help support purchases like this, so you may be able to get some help depending on the product you choose. You want a high-quality product that’s going to offer you support, longevity, and safety.

Conclusion of Stair Climbing

If you’re a wheelchair user or have someone close to you who’s wheelchair-bound, don’t let stairs stop you from living life to the fullest. In this article, you’ve explored some of the available options out there, and at least one option is sure to fit your needs. Always remember, to go with what feels right and what makes sense for you and your home. You may even decide on multiple products to make your life easier! Be safe, choose a high-quality product, and take your time learning how to install and use it, sooner than later your battle with stairs will be a thing of the past!

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