10 Awesome Remote Part-Time Jobs for Wheelchair Users

remote part-time jobs for wheelchair users

Did you know that there are multiple job opportunities available to a new wheelchair user, especially remote part-time jobs? Despite the physical challenges that may prevent them from entering the work environment, they can play a valuable role in different scenarios and demonstrate their skills and ability to live a full and unrestricted life.

In this article, we explore the top 10 best remote part-time jobs for wheelchair users that allow them to develop and contribute to the workforce successfully. For our selection, we have considered vital criteria such as schedule flexibility, adaptability to the needs of a wheelchair user, autonomy, and level of satisfaction.

So, let’s get started!

1. Remote Customer Service Representative

It is at the top of our list of best remote part-time jobs due to the great flexibility of the schedule that it presents. Plus, it allows you to work from the comfort of your home, so if you are a wheelchair user, you should not worry because your workplace does not have ramps, support bars, adapted bathrooms, etc.

This excellent work option involves providing remote assistance or support to customers through phone calls, live chat, or joint navigation. The primary function is to answer questions, provide guidance, and solve technical problems about a company’s products and services.

The best part is that this is one of the most in-demand job positions today. After the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work increased 56%. Also, according to Gitnux, 80% of remote workers experienced lower job stress.

2. Virtual Assistant – One of the Best Remote Part-time Jobs

One of the best remote part-time jobs for wheelchair users is to be a virtual assistant. The description is to provide administrative services to customers outside an office. Companies delegate office activities (administrative, accounting, customer service) to third parties in this case.

This convenient and practical option allows them to set up their home office, manage documents and calendars, plan activities, organize appointments, make phone calls, and send emails. It has even opened a new field, social media management, among other things.

One of the key advantages of this work is that it provides autonomy to the worker; they do not have to go elsewhere and do not need a desk or a conditioned space to work, just a computer and internet access.

In terms of preparation, although virtual assistants are not required to have special qualifications, the company usually looks for people with experience in technology, use of software and computer skills, and, depending on the type of company, other skills, such as accounting or financial skills.

3. Online Tutor – Flexible Remote Part-time Jobs

If you have extensive academic experience in an area of study, you can provide additional support to students who wish to improve their grades and performance in that discipline. In this remote part-time job, the primary function is to guide the student to review topics and concepts learned in the classroom, clarify doubts, and provide all the information and educational support on projects and assignments through private tutoring sessions.

The online tutor must set evaluation methods to measure the student’s progress. The tutor must also be able to reinforce the student’s knowledge, help them solve specific problems, and help them meet their academic goals.

One of the significant advantages is that you can work with students of different ages according to your preferences, set the most comfortable schedules for class sessions, and have freedom in teaching methodology, so you have complete autonomy.

Pro tip: there are specialized portals, such as Tutor.com or VIP Kid, where you can connect with students looking for an online tutor.

4. Freelance Writing – Good Choice of Remote Part-time Jobs

Do you have good writing skills? You could offer your services online as a freelance writer; this job consists of creating content and publications for different channels such as websites, social media, blog articles, press releases, marketing emails, sales copy, newsletters, and more.

This is one of the options with greater autonomy because writers are not subject to a workplace or a schedule. They only have to comply with the assignment on the agreed date. Plus, they can work on different topics, such as health, technology, education, etc., and how each is addressed.

Pro tip: You can consult specialized portals where freelancers offer services, create profiles, and set the most comfortable working conditions.

5. Graphic Design – Art Remote Part-time Jobs

Wheelchair users with graphic design skills and talent can do freelance design work from the comfort of their homes on the schedule of their choice. Online platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork allow them to showcase their portfolio, price their work, and complete projects.

The flexibility of working as a freelance graphic designer allows wheelchair users to showcase their talent and connect with clients seeking professional design services. They can choose projects that fit their interests and capabilities and set competitive rates based on their professional experience and level of project scope.

6. Social Media Management – Online Marketing Services

Wheelchair users can offer their services to small local businesses, entrepreneurs, or freelancers interested in outsourcing their social media management. To do so, they only need to provide competitive rates and develop a portfolio that shows their most relevant work, reflecting the creative content, effective interactions, and results they have achieved.

As a social media manager, you will create engaging content, schedule posts, interact with followers, and monitor metrics to evaluate the strategies’ effectiveness. This allows wheelchair users to work remotely and manage their time flexibly.

7. Bookkeeping – Remote Online Services

Wheelchair users can provide bookkeeping services to small businesses or individuals for tasks such as managing accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and preparing financial reports. This allows them to gain flexibility in workload and scheduling.

Accounting work can be performed remotely using accounting software and online tools that allow wheelchair users to access their clients’ financial data securely. We recommend you set competitive rates and promote all your skills in the financial management sector.

8. Online Reselling – Small Business by Yourself

People in wheelchairs can start a successful remote part-time job in online reselling. This allows them to take advantage of the potential of large reselling platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and others to buy products and resell them for considerable profit.

The first step in venturing into this business is to identify what type of products you want to resell, considering their market demand and accessibility. Then, you can obtain them at a reasonable price and generate profits. Some popular categories are electronics, clothing, accessories, books, toys, and vintage products.

The key to choosing profitable reselling items is conducting thorough research from different sources, such as online stores, garage sales, local markets, or wholesale suppliers. To get the best results, looking for deals, discounts, and closeouts is crucial to purchase products at competitive prices.

In addition, it is essential to properly manage inventory to keep track of the available products and their cost and selling price. This includes developing effective marketing strategies such as creating attractive product descriptions, using high-quality photographs, promoting social networks, participating in relevant groups, and sending newsletters to potential customers.

9. TikTok Creator/Host – Remote Part-time Jobs as An Influencer

Part-time work as a TikTok creator/host allows wheelchair users to take a unique approach to share experiences, challenges, and triumphs through videos and live broadcasts. This way, you can show your audience what life in a wheelchair is like, from mobility in public spaces to adapting your home to raise awareness and promote inclusion.

On the platform, you can share practical tips and tricks related to accessibility, vehicle adaptation, space organization, or the choice of equipment and technology that you have learned to facilitate life in a wheelchair. This way, you can show them how you have overcome obstacles and inspire and motivate others to do the same.

We recommend following these creators on TikTok to get inspired by their content related to wheelchair life:

10. Accessibility Consultant/Disability Advocacy

best part-time job for wheelchair users

As an accessibility consultant and disability advocate, you can share your experience and expertise as someone with a disability by providing valuable information and practical solutions to businesses and organizations to improve their accessibility for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities. By doing this remote part-time job, you can help create more inclusive and accessible environments for all.

Some ways in which you can offer your consulting services include:

  • Accessibility assessment: conduct comprehensive analyses of a company’s or organization’s physical environments, facilities, and services to identify barriers and areas for improvement in accessibility.
  • Regulatory compliance counseling: guiding businesses on accessibility-related laws and regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or other local laws and regulations, to comply with accessibility standards required by law.
  • Policy and Procedure Development: Aims to help businesses develop internal rules and procedures to promote inclusion and accessibility, such as creating inclusive hiring policies, training employees on interacting with people with disabilities, and implementing accessibility practices.
  • Accessible design and planning: you can collaborate with architects, designers, and planners by making recommendations to ensure that spaces in their construction or renovation projects are designed inclusively and meet accessibility standards.
  • Awareness and training: this involves conducting workshops, lectures, and training for company employees on accessibility issues to raise awareness of the barriers faced by people with disabilities, training on appropriate interaction, and service delivery for people with disabilities.
  • Developing inclusive marketing strategies: advising companies to promote their products and services inclusively to ensure their marketing materials, websites, and mobile applications are accessible. Hence, all users have a positive experience.

Conclusion of Remote Part-time Jobs for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users are individuals with a wide range of skills and talents capable of making valuable contributions in the workplace. Despite their physical challenges, numerous job opportunities are designed to suit their specific needs, and you can choose the best part-time job for you.

The ten remote part-time jobs mentioned in this article offer flexibility and satisfaction to wheelchair users so they can succeed in various industries. These jobs value the unique skills and talents that wheelchair users bring to the world of work and will allow you to make a significant contribution to society. Prove that your disability doesn’t limit your ability to achieve great things.

Try one of these part-time jobs for career success!

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