Stair Climbing Wheelchair


Attendant Controlled Stair Climbing Chair

Model No.: XSTO TR140C

XSTO TR140C stair climbing wheelchair boasts a compact, space-saving design suitable for indoor and outdoor use when people with limited mobility need to go up and downstairs.

How It Works

Watch the video to learn how to navigate the stair climbing wheelchair up and down stairs.

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Key Features


The brake and the built-in system ensures it only moves in safety mode.

Easy to Operate

Intuitive design makes it possible for even elderly people to operate.

Light Weight

Made of aluminium alloy, TR140C only weights 37KG/81.6LB.

Integrated Safety

The seat is integrated into the stair climber, making it easy for users to transfer from and to a wheelchair.


TR140C can be dissembled and set up in four easy steps.

Low Noise

The noise lower than 70db makes it user friendly in public.

Quality From the Market Leader

The product is complied with the guidelines of CE and FDA.

Where Can I Buy Stair Climbing Wheelchair with Integrated Seat?

Send an inquiry to us and our expert will reach out to you as soon as possible. We’re happy to help you find an affordable and effective stair climbing wheelchair.

Features in Detail

Operation Button

Universal Wheels

Step Count Display

Removable Battery

Foldable Push Handle

Anti-shock Wheel

Operation Button

Universal Wheels

Step Count Display

Removable Battery

Foldable Push Handle

Anti-shock Wheel

Quick Disassembly

The TR140C is composed of backrest, seat and executive unit, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled. It is easy to carry, and can be stored in the trunk of the car.

Technical Data

item weight
Item Weight



12-17 Steps/Min


<70 dB

ip 54

Water Resistance

Device Length



DC Motor 48V 400W

Battery Capacity

1450~1800 Steps

Step Requirement

Height <21CM/8.3", Width>25CM/9.8"

Device Width



Lithium (48V 7.5Ah)

Parts Recycle

Once the product reaches its useful lifetime, we encourage you to send the worn parts back to us.


Can I use the TR140C wheelchair on my own?

No, to use TR140C for stair climbing, you need assistance. It can be operated by an attendant, and it does not require your own wheelchair to be attached. This makes it a quick and easy way to get up and down stairs, even if you have limited mobility.

Pack all the parts including the battery respectively to protect them from damage. If you’re flying to someplace that os colder, be aware that the product may need some time to reboot after it is taken off the plane. This is because the cold weather can affect the battery’s performance.

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