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XSTO provides personal mobility solutions for a safer, more comfortable and convenient short distance travel experience.

All-terrian Wheelchair Series

The M4 power wheelchair is a powerful, adaptable, and independent mobility solution inspired by the character Mystique from the X-Men films.


All-terrain Wheelchair

Stair Climbers for Wheelchairs Series

Featuring a track structure for a convenient short-distance transfer, our stair climber for wheelchairs is perfect for overcoming obstacles either upstairs or downstairs.


Stair Climbers for Wheelchairs

Stair Climbing Wheelchair Series

The portable electrical stair climbing wheelchair takes a maximum working load of 140KG, and can be easily operated by the elderly. Perfect for indoor and outdoor staircases.


Stair Climbing Chair

Designed for Any Stairs and Surfaces

XSTO Mobility has been in the industry for over a decade, with extensive expertise in providing personal mobility solutions for short distance travel applications.

Why Choose XSTO Mobility

R & D Team

XSTO R&D team is equipped with experienced technicians and engineers who have been in this industry for 10+years.

Complete Supply Chain

From buying material to shipping, the whole process is under our control.

Technical Support

We offer our customers life-time technical support online and our technical engineers always provide our best solutions.

10+ Years' Experience

Our engineers are with more than 10 years' experience in the innovative mobility industry and always keep learning.

Strict Quality Control

Our factory was certified with ISO9001:2015 and each product undergoes a quality inspection process.

Professional Training

We provide professional training to our distributors to sharpen their skills on customer service and marketing.

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