11 Mobility Devices for Elderly to Get Around Easily

Mobility devices for elderly people help to improve the quality and independence of seniors live. There are various mobility devices and aids designed to assist them in maintaining their independence and improving their limited mobility. So what are the best mobility devices for seniors? Learn about canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters, plus some home aids.

Here is a list of common mobility devices for seniors.

  1. Canes
  2. Walkers & Rollators
  3. Mobility Scooters
  4. Manual Wheelchairs
  5. Power Wheelchairs
  6. Wheelchair Ramps
  7. Stair Lifts
  8. Pool & Spa Lifts
  9. Transfer Bench
  10. Grab Bars
  11. Bed Rail

1.Canes – Basic Mobility Devices for Elderly

types of canes

Canes are usually the first mobility device for seniors. Many older adults use a walking cane to assist with balance and prevent the risk of fall. There are different types of walking canes in different sizes and materials. It is important to know more about the differences in detail when selecting a cane.

  • Standard Walking Canes or Single-point Canes

Single-point canes have a single tip with a rubber gripper at the bottom. They can help the early balance problem to prevent the seniors from slipping. Single-point canes are lightweight and low-cost.

  • Four-point or Quad Canes

These canes have three or four separate prongs at the base. They can be freestanding and more stable than single-point canes. They are the best for those seniors who walks slowly or one-sided weakness from a stroke but need more walking exercises.

  • Seat Canes

These canes design with a small seat for a dual purpose. They provide a cane for support and a seat for break. It is good for seniors who walk long distances or need rest breaks frequently.

  • Folding Canes

Folding canes can be folded into a compact size. They may have a single-point tip or a multi-legged base. The folding design is portable for those who are on the go or holiday travelling. After unfolding the cane for use, it is important to double check to ensure security.

2.Walkers & Rollators –

standard walkers and rollators

Standard walkers normally have four feet that support the seniors on both sides and need to be picked up and put down in each step. Some other models have two feet and two wheels for easier movement.

Rollators or rolling walkers, have four wheels, handbrakes, a seat for sitting and a under-seat storage pouch. It is a great walker for older adults for seeking stability and durability. When choosing a walker or rollator, it is necessary to make sure the correct height so that the seniors can keep a right posture when using them.

3.Mobility Scooters – Electric Mobility Devices for Elderly

mobility scooters

Mobility Scooters are electric mobility devices for elderly who can get around independently but would be tired quickly when they walk long distances. Mobility Scooters usually can be three or four wheels. In general, three-wheel scooters are more suitable for indoor while four-wheel scooters offer better stability for outdoor and off-road path.

Mobility scooters are much easier than power wheelchairs for seniors to use a tiller to steer forward or backward. They offer comfortable support and safe speed when the seniors drive them on the pavement and grassland path. It is really important for elderly to maintain their freedom of mobility as much as possible without having a driver license necessarily.

4.Manual Wheelchairs

manual wheelchair

Manual wheelchair is the most common mobility device and requires the users to maneuver the chair in arms. Manual Wheelchairs are typically more lightweight and less expensive, giving the older adults the ability to move around by themselves. They do not need charging and cost-effective with little maintenance. It is also beneficial for older adults who need to loose their weight of body.

5.Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs have significantly improved the quality of life for elderly, by providing the freedom of movement in an ease way. They allow the older people to participate as much as possible in outdoor activities easier that would be impossible before.

Take electric wheelchair M4 in example.

With lightweight and folding design, it is portable to pack the M4 and put in the trunk of the car when traveling with families in holiday. Instead of being steered with a tiller, electric wheelchairs are controlled only with a joystick on one side of the device, which saves more energy and time. Built for active life, all-terrain design encourages you move closely to the nature, like the sea beach and forest park. Power wheelchairs can also be a source of comfort and support to active your daily life.

6.Wheelchair Ramps

Installing wheelchair ramps is a smart and safe way for older adults to get in and out of home and other exits. Every stair in different height can be stressful and inconvenient for the wheelchair users. For personal use, there is more than one type of ramp for different situations, including threshold ramps, folding ramps, suitcase ramps, telescoping ramps and modular ramps.

  • Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps can be either rubber or metal and are made to butt up against the lip of a door threshold or a curb.  These ramps are cost-effective solutions for people when the disabled people gets over a small barrier in a wheelchair or scooter.

  • Folding Ramps

Folding wheelchair ramps are available in bi-fold and tri-fold options. A folding ramp provides all the flexibility you need, no matter you use it for a short term of surgery recovery or travel with it in your car trunk.

  • Suitcase Ramps

A suitcase ramp is also a portable ramp with handles for easy transport. It can lay directly over a small set of steps, making it perfect for home access or cars.

  • Telescoping Ramps

Telescoping Ramps can extend and adjust to deal with multiple differences in height. No-skid surface ensure that your wheelchair can not slip off.

  • Modular Ramps

Modular ramps are typically made of aluminum which is the best materials for outdoor. The ramp is delivered in several standard parts and it can be installed to fit your needs without a building permit.

7.Stair Lifts / Vertical Platform Lifts

stair lifts

Stair lifts are essential equipment for seniors with limited mobility and enables them to move up and down at home easily. There are two main types of home lifts. One is stair lifts, the other is vertical platform lifts.

  • Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts can be straight and curved. Straight one is the simplest and easy to install, while curved one is more expensive and need to be customized since it follows the unique curve of the stair.

  • Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation. They help wheelchair users access to raised porches, decks, and other elevated areas.

vertical platform lifts

8.Pool & Spa Lifts

pool and spa lifts

Pool lifts are used as an mobility aid to provide safe access to pool and spas, catering to the unique requirements of some elderly homeowners and professional caregivers. These lifts can be installed on any deck surface, providing accessibility for individuals who want to enhance their life experience.

9. Transfer Bench

transfer bench

If your loved ones are apprehensive about getting into the bath tub, a transfer bench is a good solution as it offers stability and greater independence in bathing. Sliding shower transfer bench can assist users in getting in and out of the tub. Users just need to sit down and then the shower chair slides go left and right along the frame. Make sure that the transfer bench includes a safety belt when purchasing for your elderly family.

10.Grab Bars

grab bars

As we all know, most of bathroom injuries are caused by falls. It is easy for seniors to have risk of falls because of lack of balance and strength. To stay safe, grab bars should be installed for the shower, bathhub and toilet where the seniors need support while standing up and sitting down. The grab bars, made of stainless steel and anti-skid rubber, would be perfect for long-term use in wet areas.

11.Bed Rail

bed rail

Bed rails are designed to fit on the sides of the bed and prevent the seniors from falling out of the bed when sleeping. They also provide seniors with support when they get in and out of the bed. There is no doubt that bed rail is a good choice for seniors to be more independent to move around the bed. So an adjustable bed rail to suit all bed types, with non-slip padded handle, would be better for older adults.

Final Thoughts of Mobility Devices for Elderly Adults

The right mobility devices for elderly should help seniors to improve their independence, confidence and safety in daily life. Hope this guide get you know more about mobility devices in details for seniors. Which types of wheelchair ramps will work best for your home or business? Be free to comment down below.

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