An Ultimate Guide on How to Sell Electric Wheelchair

Many people with limited mobility benefit from electric wheelchair, but sellers of these chairs face a challenge to differentiate themselves in the industry. The market is already crowded, and most merchants struggle to find a way to promote their inventory uniquely. To help you navigate this intricate market, we will share our best tips on how to sell electric wheelchair. We’ll cover everything from identifying your target audience to building long-term customer relationships and navigating the competitive market. With these expert insights, you can grow your business and generate more sales and long-term clients.

Where to Sell Electric Wheelchair

There are two places to sell electric wheelchairs: online and in a physical store. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered alongside your budget, resources, and goals.

Generating Sales Online Sales

There are several big online platforms for selling electric wheelchairs, such as Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. These well-known sites have a lot of visitors, which boosts the amount of views that your listings/inventory get. While these platforms can expand your customer base, it’s important to remember that you’ll also need to invest in marketing, shipping, and customer service and compete with other online sellers. It also should be noted that even with online sales, there are regulations that must be followed in order to sell medical aids such as wheelchairs legally.

Generating Sales in a Physical store

When you choose to sell in-store, you have a unique opportunity to make a more authentic and personal connection with your customers. You can talk directly to your customers, offering consultations, demonstrations, and after-sale support, which helps to improve your chances of landing a sale and future ones. Yes, there are often more costs involved with a physical location verses an online store however the rewards of this personal approach can be significant.

Three ideas on where to sell electric wheelchairs:

  • If you have the resources and demand for your products, you can sell them in your own shop.
  • Consider working with local medical supply stores or healthcare facilities.
  • If you are just starting out, consider community events, health fairs, and disability expos, which are great opportunities to stage your electric wheelchairs and demonstrate their features.

Depending on where you choose to set up shop, you will often have two options for generating sales. One can be selling your chairs directly to the consumer, facility, store, etc, or you can sometimes choose to work based on commission. If working on commission, you will be paid per customer referral. This means you will not need storage for your inventory. Instead, you will be in charge of the marketing process alone.

How to Sell Electric Wheelchair Efficiently?

Selling electric wheelchairs is about finding the right place and using the right techniques and skills. With the proper selling strategies, you can meet the consumer’s needs, outrank the competition, and build a lasting reputation.

The first step in how to sell electric wheelchair is to understand your customers’ mobility needs, lifestyles, and choices. In order to do so, gather information about each specific customer’s daily routine, living situation, and conditions. These questions will help you narrow down the best chair and any features that should be considered. When choosing a chair, be sure to also consider budget restraints and insurance coverage.

One electric chair model and size will not fit everyone and their unique needs, which is why offering a variety can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. When selecting inventory, consider customized options and accessories that can improve the functionality and comfort of your electric wheelchairs.

Remember, a sale shouldn’t end just because the transaction went through. You can build a rapport with your customers by offering them post-purchase support and servicing. This can include following up on their purchase, informing them of new models and promotions, and offering discounted/free maintenance.

Tips For Setting Your Prices

One conflict many dealers run into is learning how to price the different chairs offered efficiently. It is important that you study both the average market price-point as well as your competition. These numbers will help you determine where the sweet spot is for each of your chairs.

With that said, you should also be sure to offer a range of prices for your chairs. This creates affordability for all consumers, helping you generate sales and minimize lost ones. You can achieve this by having a base model and adding the option to customize or choose additional features.  Another term for this price-setting strategy is called value-based pricing. Essentially, the more value a chair model offers, the higher the cost will be for the consumer.

Grow Your Business & Partner with XSTO Mobility

how to sell electric wheelchair

If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner to sell electric wheelchairs, look no further than XSTO Mobility. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality power wheelchairs and power stair chairs, with competitive pricing and flexible options. We teach businesses like yours how to sell electric wheelchair—not only how but where to sell electric wheelchairs. With our expertise, we can help you grow your business and satisfy your customers, whether you are a new retailer or an established distributor.

Why Choose XSTO Mobility?

  • Our 10 years of experience in the mobility industry has led us to develop a strong line of electric wheelchairs with a reputation for reliability.
  • We offer several different chair models designed to suit consumers’ various needs, including sizing and innovative features, such as adaptable seating, joystick controllers, specialized cushions, and storage solutions.
  • We want to partner with you, so we offer extensive discounts and promotions that other dealers will not.

It’s simple and easy to order from XSTO Mobility. You can choose your products and options on our website or contact us for a quote and tips for purchasing. Partner with us today and join a local network of electric wheelchair suppliers.


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