How to Choose Different Types of Wheelchairs for Elderly: The Ultimate Guide

A wheelchair is the most common type of mobility aid for an elderly parent to stay mobile in an independent way. In this guide we share more in details about the benefits of different types of wheelchair, features and accessories, and how to choose a wheelchair for elderly.

5 Different Types of Wheelchairs for Elderly

1. Manual Wheelchair

2. Power/Electric Wheelchair

3. Transportation Wheelchair

4. Standing Wheelchair

5. All Terrain Wheelchair

1. Manual Wheelchair – Small Types of Wheelchair

manual wheelchair

Manual wheelchair is a basic type of wheelchair for seniors to move around with their own physical strength or by someone pushing it behind.

Main Features:

  • Benefit those who still can stand upright and walk with a stick for a short distance
  • A practical solution for going out for lunch or walking in the park
  • Lightweight and folding for easy transport and storage, designed with large rear wheels and smaller front wheels
  • The advantage of being low maintenance and affordable
  • The disadvantage of being sufficient upper body strength with full arms

2. Power/Electric Wheelchair – Motorized Types of Wheelchair

power wheelchair

Power wheelchair, also called as electric wheelchair, is a popular mobility device for seniors to move freely without the need of upper body effort. With the battery-powered motor, these wheelchair provide additional independence and go for a long distance.

Main Features:

  • Benefit for someone who want more independence or lack of upper body strength
  • Not just for indoor but also for outdoor with all different terrains like glass and sand
  • Have larger wheels to be more stable in all terrains and smooth navigation controlled with one hand only
  • Portable and easy to storage for travel, a perfect choice for freedom of mobility and comfort in daily movement
  • Generally bigger and heavier than manual one because of batter and motor

3. Transportation Wheelchair – Design for a Companion

Transport wheelchairs are perfect for short trips or outings where the older adults don’t need to self-propel. Unlike the manual and power wheelchairs, there is no large back wheels in transport wheelchairs.

Main Features:

  • Designed to be pushed by a caregiver or companion
  • Often used in hospital settings as well as available for home use
  • Ultra-light with small back and front wheels, able to maneuver in tight spaces such as narrow hallways or crowded areas
  • Unable to propel by themselves but have to be pushed by others

4. Standing Wheelchair – Innovative Types of Wheelchair

standing wheelchair

As a new type of standing technology on the basis of traditional wheelchairs, standing wheelchair can increases the range of daily activities of the disabled.

Main Features:

  • Benefit for those who practice to stand independently with both arms for rehabilitation training
  • The technology system ensures safety and stability while standing
  • Effectively promoting body circulation, exercising legs and whole body muscle training

5. All Terrain Wheelchair – For Outdoor Use

all terrain wheelchair

All terrain wheelchair is being top performers on loose terrain like sandy beaches or gravel paths even in snow. It is a perfect choice for some seniors who enjoys exploring the active world.

  • Ideal for individuals enjoy outdoor activities
  • Offer greater maneuverability on various terrains such as grass, gravel, sand, and even snow
  • Sturdy frames with larger wheels and suspension systems to absorb shocks and bumps
  • Enable elderly people to participate in nature adventures and keep a positive lifestyle

How to Choose Different Types of Wheelchairs For Elderly?

Whether you are choosing a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair or other types of wheelchairs, there are three important points should be considered. All seniors need is for living a wheelchair life in a safe, comfort and free-mobility way.

  • Size-There are no standard wheelchair size that are suitable for all users. If the wheelchair is too wide, they’ll topple sideways and end up propped up on their elbow and one butt cheek for stability. Just choose the most comfortable dimensions by trying out various sizes.
  • Seats-As the most important part of a wheelchair, it have to be comfortable to sit in, especially for a long time.
  • Mobility-Suspension system can help reduce pain and smooth navigation control ensures a great driving experience, giving you the freedom of independence.
  • Certification– Should be approved by CE and MSDS in Europe and FDA in the United States.

Additional Wheelchair Accessories You Should Consider

Storage bags: Wheelchair bags can expand space. A backpack can fit on the handles at the back. Some wheelchair bags are able to put under the seat.

Cushions: A wheelchair seat cushion is of a great help in terms of comfort if users sit for a long time.

Batteries: Electric wheelchairs need to be charged regularly. Generally, most wheelchairs will be charged overnight. It would be better to have a backup battery to prevent power outage and damage.

After doing some research of different types, you should talk with seniors and their doctor for getting the suitable wheelchair. It is all for a greater independence and freedom of movement. Do you have any ideas about this topic? Feel free to comment below or email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are the different types of wheelchairs?

A:  There are five main types of wheelchairs. They are manual wheelchair, power/electric wheelchair, transport wheelchair, standing wheelchair and all terrain wheelchair.

Q: How do I choose the right wheelchair? 

A: Know different types of wheelchair and then try out them in the physical store to get the comfortable one.

Q: How much do wheelchairs cost?

A: A manual wheelchair starts $500 to $1000, and a powered wheelchair may be $1000 to $5000, plus depending on a range of features and your different needs.

Q: How long do wheelchair batteries last? 

A: Generally, power wheelchair batteries last up to 10 hours or about 15 miles. It is recommended that batteries are fully charged overnight.

Q: What is the most common wheelchair size?

A: The typical wheelchair is around 36 inches tall, 25 inches wide and 32 inches long. But just choose the most comfortable dimensions by trying out various sizes.

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